More descriptions of photos is found under the Free Downloads of the Bulletin Board Displays.

a-mt_thA Mountain ("Signal Mountain") - Various photos of A Mountain in Tucson, Arizona

apt-wmb-meda_thApartment on Park Avenue - Brother Branham never lived in the house he built for his family. The majority of the time he lived in Tucson, he rented a duplex apartment from Sister Larson. (A duplex is a house that is divided into two separate apartments.) [Bulletin Board-PDF: 4 pages]

den-tucson_thBrother Branham's den in Tucson - The first time Brother Pearry Green came to Tucson in 1964, Brother Branham showed him this house on Ina and First Avenue, along with some others, but he told him they couldn't afford this one. [Bulletin Board-PDF: 8 pages]

service-station_thEvans' Service Station - When Brother Branham returned from Finger Rock, he stopped at the Evans' Service Station on the corner of Prince and Park, just up the street from the duplex apartment the Branhams were renting from Sister Larson. [Bulletin Board-PDF: 2 pages]

fingerrock_thFinger Rock - Early one cloudless morning in February 1965, Brother Branham went up to the end of Alvernon Way, parked his car, and walked up the Finger Rock trail part of the way up the mountain. [Bulletin Board-PDF: 2 pages]

furrs_thFurr's Cafeteria - Brother Branham ate here when in Tucson.

jcpennys_thJ. C. Penney's - Brother Branham was in this J. C. Penney's store when he saw the women come up the escalator as it showed in the vision he had of hell when he was younger. This store has been torn down and the city library and park is now located in that area. [Bulletin Board-PDF: 2 pages]

tt_smTucson Tabernacle- Tucson Tabernacle has been in 3 different buildings in the city. The first one was at 560 South Stone. It was the original Jewish synagogue in the state of Arizona, built in 1910. The last one is at 2555 North Stone. [Bulletin Board-PDF: 1 page]