At the age of 16, Brother Pearry Green first saw Brother Branham ministering in Houston, Texas. He saw blind eyes opened, club-feet made perfectly whole, and the secrets of people's hearts revealed. That night, January 23, 1950, God literally updated Himself to Brother Green. He was no longer just Jesus Christ of the Bible (2000 years ago). He had seen that God could do the same things today that He did while He was here on earth.

After seeing and experiencing many more things from 1950 to 1964, Brother Green realized that Brother Branham was a prophet like Elijah. Brother Branham loved the wilderness, preached against the Jezebel spirit, had no desire for fame or money, and was against organized religion.

Brother Green provided the telephone hookup for Brother Branham's services. He is the founding pastor of Tucson Tabernacle, and a faithful witness of what he saw and heard. (Acts 4:20) On August 20, 2015, Brother Green crossed over to be with the Lord. 


(Note: These and other sermons are available on audio MP3 CDs from Tucson Tabernacle.)