Brother Pearry Green - Testimony Sermons and Books

Since 1965, Brother Pearry Green has given testimony of many of his experiences with Brother William Branham. Below are a few of them; we trust they are a blessing.

(Note: These and other sermons are available on audio MP3 CDs from Tucson Tabernacle.)

(Note: These and other testimony services are available on audio MP3 CDs from Tucson Tabernacle.)
  • An Eyewitness Testimony - Brother Pearry Green - Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada
  • Testimony Services - Brother Pearry Green - Tennessee, USA
  • The Certainty Of An Eyewitness - Brother Pearry Green - Tucson, Arizona, USA
  • Brother Green's Personal Testimony - Brother Pearry Green - Tucson, Arizona, USA
Brother William Branham had a fatal accident on December 18, 1965, where a drunk driver hit him head-on. He crossed over into the other dimension on December 24, 1965.

Brother Pearry Green brought Brother Branham's remains back to Jeffersonville, Indiana, per the instructions of Brother Billy Paul Branham (Brother William Branham's oldest son). There Brother Green gave a report about what had happened to the congregation.

He immediately returned to Tucson, Arizona, and gave another report to his congregation. The following recording is that report.

Brother Pearry Green was a witness to many things, including things during the last week of Brother William Branham's life (December 18 through 24, 1965). In this sermon, Brother Green recounted events of that week.

Some people erroneously believed Brother William Branham was God.  Brother Branham was not God, he was a man who was a sinner saved by God's grace.

In the sermon "Believing A Man Is God," Brother Pearry Green clarifies this. (This sermon is part of the Clarification series that is available from Tucson Tabernacle.)

Brother Branham rebuked this spirit that believes him to be God. (This sermon has been called by many names, including “Bruised Serpent,” “Who Is William Branham,” and is now titled “Revelation, Chapter 5, No.1.”)

  • Believing A Man Is God - August 23, 2009 Sun a.m. - Brother Pearry Green
  • Bruised Serpent - June 11, 1961 Sun a.m.- Brother William Branham
While on a hunting trip in British Columbia, Brother Branham read from the book of Galatians. When he got to the word “emulations” in Galatians 5:20, he explained that this is a competitive spirit.

In this sermon, Brother Green relates experiences he had on that trip with Brother Branham and he gives examples of characteristics he observed in Brother Branham's life and character.

by Brother Pearry Green

After being out of print for many years, The Acts of the Prophet has had minor revisions made and the book is now available. The new edition has 55 photographs within its 224 pages. Brother Pearry Green released the first copies of his book on October 15, 2014.

As an eyewitness and a friend of Brother William Branham, Brother Green took several nights in 1969 to give a series of testimonies to his congregation at Tucson Tabernacle. Unknown to him, a group of them were transcribing the testimonies and making mimeographed copies of them. These testimonies were first published and distributed in December 1969 as a mimeographed book.

At the same time another brother asked to edit Brother Green’s testimonies so it could be printed as a paperback book. When this book was ready to print, another brother who had sold a piece of real estate donated the money toward printing the first edited edition of the book. Since 1969, tens of thousands of copies have been distributed across the world in several languages.

The Acts of the Prophet is now available from Tucson Tabernacle, 2555 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, Arizona 85705 USA.

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