Many outstanding events happened in the life of Brother William Branham, including those listed below. One of the most popular "life story" sermons in which Brother Branham told about some of the early events of his life was given in the afternoon on April 19, 1959.
In 1932, early 1933, Brother Branham was given a vision of seven events that were to happen before the end of the world. He told this in detail in his sermon, "Hybrid Religion" [also titled, "Condemnation by Representation"], preached on November 13, 1960.
On June 11, 1933, a Pillar of Fire hung over Brother Branham as he was baptizing in the Ohio River. A voice spoke from the Pillar of Fire, saying, “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, your message will forerun the second coming of Christ.” Brother Branham told this experience many times, including in the sermon, "A Court Trial," preached on April 12, 1964.
In 1946, the Angel of the Lord met him in a cave near Jeffersonville, saying, “Do not fear, I am sent from the presence of Almighty God.” He continued, saying, “Your peculiar birth and misunderstood life has been to indicate that you’re to go to all the world and pray for the sick people….If you get the people to believe you, and be sincere when you pray, nothing shall stand before your prayers, not even cancer.” One of the most popular sermons of Brother Branham telling about his experience when the angel first appeared to him is "How The Angel Came To Me," preached on January 17, 1955.

On January 24, 1950, in Houston, Texas, a black-and-white photograph was taken which did record the Light. This photograph was examined and pronounced authentic by Mr. George J. Lacy, Examiner of Questioned Documents, Houston, Texas: “Based upon the above described examination and study I am of the definite opinion that the negative submitted for examination, was not retouched nor was it a composite or double exposed negative. Further, I am of the definite opinion that the light streak appearing above the head in a halo position was caused by light striking the negative.”

In May 1960, Brother Branham had an experience where he went beyond the curtain of time. The first time he told his congregation about it was in a sermon called "The Rejected King," preached on May 15, 1960 a.m.
Brother Branham traveled the world preaching and praying for the sick. During the years of 1947 through 1965, over 1100 of his sermons were recorded. These sermons are available from several sources in both audio and text formats. Several are available for free download or for purchase. Indexes of his sermons are available for free download. A searchable database of these sermons is available on the Internet or for purchase.