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hofmann_3Heinrich Hofmann painted several pictures, including “Christ and the Rich Young Ruler” (Christ looking at the rich young ruler); “Christ at 33” (taken from “Christ and the Rich Young Ruler”); “Christ in Garden of Gethsemane” (Christ kneeling at the rock in Gethsemane with the disciples in the background); and “Christ in the Temple” (Christ as a boy with the priests in the temple).

View: A good place to view each one of these prints is on the New York Graphic Society/Lieberman's website by searching for “Heinrich Hofmann,” however they only sell to to stores who meet their criteria (contact them for details).

Buy: For other places to purchase the prints by Heinrich Hofmann, search the Internet for both the name of the print and the artist's name.

A very inexpensive place to purchase “Christ at 33” is through the LDS catalog. These prints have no white borders, so the size listed is the actual print size. The “Christ at 33” prints (referred to as “Jesus Christ” prints on this LDS website) can be found by typing their corresponding item number into the “Quick Catalog Search,” or by searching for “Jesus Christ.”

Size                       Item #
16” x 20” print = 67081000
5” x 7” print = 80938000

This print has two names. Usually it is called, "Way to Emmaus" by Robert Zund. The other name used for it is "The Road to Emmaus" by Robert Zund.

For places to purchase this print, search the Internet for both the name of the print and the artist.
Prints are available of the photo of the Pillar of Fire photographed above Brother Branham’s head in January 1950. (The smallest size is 4”x6” and the largest is 16”x20”.)

On January 24, 1950, in Houston, Texas, a black-and-white photograph was taken which did record the Light. This photograph was examined and pronounced authentic by Mr. George J. Lacy, Examiner of Questioned Documents, Houston, Texas: “Based upon the above described examination and study I am of the definite opinion that the negative submitted for examination, was not retouched nor was it a composite or double exposed negative. Further, I am of the definite opinion that the light streak appearing above the head in a halo position was caused by light striking the negative.”

Brother Branham told about this experience in several sermons, including, “Testimony,” preached on November 29, 1953 p.m.

Photos Available from:
eagle-colorPrints are available of the word “Eagle” written with white quartz within the pyramid-shaped rock in Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Arizona.

Brother Branham referred to this in his sermon, "On The Wings Of A Snow-white Dove," preached on November 28, 1965.
These photos are ones Brother Green took the day after he found the rock in March 1966 after Brother Branham had passed.

Photos Available from:

There are a few DVD presentations available from Tucson Tabernacle, including the following:

Brother Pearry Green's Testimony about Brother William M. Branham (2002): In April 2002, Brother Pearry Green, pastor of Tucson Tabernacle, gave a two-night testimony about several of his experiences with Brother William Branham. This is available as a two-DVD set.

Slide Presentation of Brother William M. Branham (2002): Since 1965, Brother Pearry Green, pastor of Tucson Tabernacle, has given introductions to congregations worldwide concerning the life and ministry of Brother William Branham. Many of these have included photos he has collected and narrated as slide presentations of events, places, and people pertaining to Brother Branham's prophecies and life. They include some supernatural pictures.

Tour of Sunset / Klondyke, Arizona (1998) and (2000): Brother Green has given many tours of the Sunset/ Klondyke area in Arizona. This location is where the 7 angels came to Brother Branham in 1963; where the Lord told Brother Branham "Judgment Striking West Coast," which happened a few days before the Alaskan earthquake in 1964; and where a very distinct profile of Brother Branham is on the end of this cliff.

These and more DVDs and other items are available from:

There are several Audio Testimonies available from Tucson Tabernacle, including the following:

Account Of William Branham's Accident - January 2, 1966 pm: After Brother Pearry Green returned to Tucson after the memorial service for Brother William Branham in Jeffersonville, he told his congregation the details about the accident and Brother Branham's last days.

Several Testimony Services are available on MP3 audio discs .

These and more Audio Testimonies are available from:


The JESUS Film Project has the full-length version of the JESUS film and they distribute it in many foreign languages.

“Taken entirely from the Gospel of Luke and filmed in the Holy Land, the ‘JESUS’ film is the most historically accurate film ever produced on the life of Christ. This classic, two-hour dramatic movie will help unfold the life of Christ for you: from His birth; to His life and miracles ending with His trial, death, burial and resurrection. A presentation at the end offers the ultimate story of love and forgiveness to every listening heart.” — description and illustration taken from the JESUS Film Project website.


Free online viewing in various languages is available!

You can listen to "The Story of Jesus" Audiodrama in various languages.
“This 62-minute video introduces children to the life of Jesus of Nazareth, giving them a chance to see and hear the whole story of Jesus at once! The video answers questions in clear and concrete terms, provides fast action, and ends with an invitation by a child to children, to choose to invite Jesus into their lives. Children of all ages will enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child’s  perspective.” — description and illustration taken from the JESUS Film Project website

“The Story of Jesus for Children" video is designed to show and tell children of all ages the true story of Jesus, enabling them to make a choice to invite Jesus into their life. The children in the video are actors and their story is a story that might have happened in A.D. 30. The Story of Jesus for Children video is adapted from the original JESUS movie classic.” —description and illustration taken from the JESUS Video Project website.

Free online viewing is also available!