hofmann_3Heinrich Hofmann painted several pictures, including “Christ and the Rich Young Ruler” (Christ looking at the rich young ruler); “Christ at 33” (taken from “Christ and the Rich Young Ruler”); “Christ in Garden of Gethsemane” (Christ kneeling at the rock in Gethsemane with the disciples in the background); and “Christ in the Temple” (Christ as a boy with the priests in the temple).

View: A good place to view each one of these prints is on the New York Graphic Society/Lieberman's website by searching for “Heinrich Hofmann,” however they only sell to to stores who meet their criteria (contact them for details).

Buy: For other places to purchase the prints by Heinrich Hofmann, search the Internet for both the name of the print and the artist's name.

A very inexpensive place to purchase “Christ at 33” is through the LDS catalog. These prints have no white borders, so the size listed is the actual print size. The “Christ at 33” prints (referred to as “Jesus Christ” prints on this LDS website) can be found by typing their corresponding item number into the “Quick Catalog Search,” or by searching for “Jesus Christ.”

Size                       Item #
16” x 20” print = 67081000
5” x 7” print = 80938000