pillaroffire_abovewmbranham_web_medGod allowed the Pillar of Fire to be photographed with His prophet in the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas, on January 24, 1950.

While Brother Branham was conducting a series of services in Houston, and praying for many sick people, a Baptist minister who disagreed with divine healing being part of scriptural teachings challenged Brother Branham to a debate concerning divine healing. Brother Branham refused to debate, but Brother Fred F. Bosworth, who was traveling with Brother Branham, asked to take the debate. Brother Branham didn’t want any fussing, but Brother Bosworth promised that he would not fuss. The debate was conducted, and it clearly showed divine healing is a scriptural doctrine. The Brother Bosworth told the audience that Brother Branham was in the audience and he could come dismiss the congregation if he chose.

Brother Branham came to the platform and first told the audience that he didn’t want anyone feeling badly towards Dr. Best because of what he had said and his actions, because Dr. Best has a right to his beliefs. He told them that if the gift was in question, then God speaks for Himself. At that time, the Pillar of Fire came down and hung over Brother Branham’s head in the form that you see in this photo. Some of the audience saw it, some did not.

The photographer that Dr. Best had hired to take pictures of the debate was also very skeptical. The six photos he had taken during the debate were ones of Dr. Best putting his fist under Brother Bosworth’s face, etc. When the Pillar of Fire came in, the photographer took this photograph. When he developed the negatives, the first six negatives were blank. This photograph was the only one that turned out. The negative was taken to George J. Lacy, a man who examined questioned documents for the FBI. After examination, he came to the conclusion that the light had struck the negative. [View Report]