There are a few DVD presentations available from Tucson Tabernacle, including the following:

Brother Pearry Green's Testimony about Brother William M. Branham (2002): In April 2002, Brother Pearry Green, pastor of Tucson Tabernacle, gave a two-night testimony about several of his experiences with Brother William Branham. This is available as a two-DVD set.

Slide Presentation of Brother William M. Branham (2002): Since 1965, Brother Pearry Green, pastor of Tucson Tabernacle, has given introductions to congregations worldwide concerning the life and ministry of Brother William Branham. Many of these have included photos he has collected and narrated as slide presentations of events, places, and people pertaining to Brother Branham's prophecies and life. They include some supernatural pictures.

Tour of Sunset / Klondyke, Arizona (1998) and (2000): Brother Green has given many tours of the Sunset/ Klondyke area in Arizona. This location is where the 7 angels came to Brother Branham in 1963; where the Lord told Brother Branham "Judgment Striking West Coast," which happened a few days before the Alaskan earthquake in 1964; and where a very distinct profile of Brother Branham is on the end of this cliff.

These and more DVDs and other items are available from: