“This 62-minute video introduces children to the life of Jesus of Nazareth, giving them a chance to see and hear the whole story of Jesus at once! The video answers questions in clear and concrete terms, provides fast action, and ends with an invitation by a child to children, to choose to invite Jesus into their lives. Children of all ages will enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child’s  perspective.” — description and illustration taken from the JESUS Film Project website

“The Story of Jesus for Children" video is designed to show and tell children of all ages the true story of Jesus, enabling them to make a choice to invite Jesus into their life. The children in the video are actors and their story is a story that might have happened in A.D. 30. The Story of Jesus for Children video is adapted from the original JESUS movie classic.” —description and illustration taken from the JESUS Video Project website.

Free online viewing is also available!