Tucson Tabernacle has been in 3 different buildings in the city. The first one was at 560 South Stone. It was the original Jewish synagogue in the state of Arizona, built in 1910. The last one is at 2555 North Stone.


Before we knew where the building was, Brother Branham stood across the street from it and watched the Veteran’s Day parade go by. When they passed this building, they changed their song to “Onward Christian Soldiers.” The man who was the pastor of this church had the downtown Assemblies of God in it. The Sunday that Brother Branham stood across the street from it, the man decided to close it up. We were fortunate enough to find him and rent this building from him. We had our first church services, November the 14, 1965. Brother Branham came to service there a number of times. On November 21, 1965, he dedicated the building and ordained Brother Green in the ministry. In this tabernacle, on December 12, 1965, he preached his final sermon, Communion.

When Brother Branham dedicated the first tabernacle on South Stone, he said, “So as we move from one building to another building, I believe, in bringing our messages, and we'll come down and have healing services. And anything the Lord reveals to us to do, we'll have it right here in the church, until it swells out so big you'll have to take it somewhere else, and somewhere else, until Jesus comes.”  While he was saying this, he was waiving his arm to the left, which was to the north, which is where Tucson Tabernacle now is, 2555 North Stone Avenue.


After we purchased and moved into this building, we discovered a tape where Brother Branham stood behind our pulpit and prayed, “May this little house here that we're in tonight be open until Jesus comes. If He tarries, may missionaries and ministers be sent from here to all over the world. May it truly be the house by the side of the road where the weary can come in and find rest.”  I believe that prayer was answered when we bought this building and what God has allowed us to do during these years.

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