Eagle Rock

Brother Pearry Green was able to locate this rock by following the leadership of the Holy Ghost.


Eagle Rock

He used the descriptions that Brother Branham gave in his sermons and those that he gave to Brother Green personally, as well as from when Brother Billy Paul showed him the photographs that Brother Branham had taken on September 23, 1965 (the day after he first saw this rock). In March 1966, Brother Green asked Brother Harold McClintock to go with him to Sabino Canyon to see if they could find this rock. Brother McClintock was back on the trail making a drawing of some markings that were on another rock to compare it with Brother Branham's photographs when Brother Green continued on down the trail. As Brother Green turned around to tell him that he thought they were in the right area, his eyes fell on the word, "Eagle," written in white quartz. The next day, Brother Green and Brother McClintock returned to take these photographs.

Brother Green

Brother Pearry Green

Brother McClintock

Brother Harold McClintock

After locating the rock with "Eagle" written in white quartz, Brother Green shared it with a large group of people. When he returned a few days later to show Brother Billy Paul Branham, he found that, in the meantime, some of the others had returned and had chipped away portions of the rock.

It looked like someone had shot it with a high-powered rifle. This is what it looked like that day. Since then, they have continued to remove portions of the rock, so that there no longer is any more of the word "Eagle" or of many sections of the rock, as you can see by comparing the photos.

Brother Green and Eagle Rock

After showing the rock to a group of people, and some returned and chipped off pieces of the rock

Brother Billy Paul and Eagle Rock

The day that Brother Green showed Brother Billy Paul 'Eagle' written in white quartz

Eagle Rock

Where 'Eagle' was written in white quartz as of November 21, 2005

The rock that "Eagle" was written in white quartz is in the shape of pyramid. The original trail went directly by Eagle Rock. To make that trail, they had blasted away a portion of the rock, which now lies below. Drill holes are seen in the rock where they inserted the dynamite to blast it apart. Rather than keeping this original trail, they rerouted the current trail above Eagle Rock.

Eagle Rock and Brother Green

Brother Green is pointing upward toward the current trail, and is also showing the shape of the rock as being in a pyramid.

Eagle Rock and Brother Green

Brother Green is pointing to where 'Eagle' was written in white quartz and to the location of the other half of the rock that was blasted away.


The other half of the rock, which is hidden by the bushes with only a small point of the top showing.


The pyramid shape of this approximately 70-ton rock.

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