The first time Brother Pearry Green came to Tucson in 1964, Brother Branham showed him this house on Ina and First Avenue, along with some others, but he told him they couldn't afford this one.

That year Brother and Sister Dauch furnished the money, and Brother Branham bought this house. They started doing some remodeling on it. The house is on the left, the garage is in the middle, and the den is on the right.


The house and garage.


The house after they added an awning to the front porch.


The den

Front Door of the Home

When Brother Branham remodeled the house, he changed these windows next to the front door and made them the color of the Urim and Thummim.


The door from the outside.


The door from the inside.

He replaced the doors to the house and one for the den with ones that were hand-carved in Mexico by an artist.


The front door shows all the game animals that he hunted.

Front Door

In the middle of the front door is this coat of arms, a pyramid, the Star of David, a sword, and an eagle.


The inside of the front door represents the continents that he had visited.


Front Door of the Den

On the door to his den, there is this carving of an eagle, and the Spanish wording, "Nido de Aguila," which means, "The nest of the eagle."


Outside the door of the den


Nido de Aguila

On the inside of the door are carved some of the big game animals that he hunted.


Inside the den

Door with animals carved in it

Inside den door (top)

Door with animals carved in it

Inside den door (bottom)

Inside the Den

As you are facing the den, as shown in the panorama, the wall behind you is the large picture window that you see from the driveway. The Catalina Mountains can be viewed through it.


Panorama (left)


Panorama (right)

The white portion on the far left edge of this panorama is several cassette tapes in tape racks that have put into the den. The Spoken Word red bound volumes are on a round stone wall that encloses a desk-like area. Several trophies and guns hang on the wall.

Study area

Study area

On the right-hand side, larger trophies are on the platform, and a mural of a canyon is on the wall. In the lower right corner is a small pool.

Pool of water

Pool of water

The alligator next to the pool was a "pet," but grew into being a bit undisciplined, so it became a trophy.

The alligator

The alligator

The rainbow trout on the top was caught on the River of No Return with Brother Clayton Sonmore. The little fly in its mouth is what he used to catch it. The taxidermy work was originally done by Walt Disney Studio. The fish held the world's record for two years.

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

Below is Big Jim, which is a deer that Brother Branham hunted in Colorado for fifteen years.

Big Jim

Big Jim

The rifle on the top was the little .22 rifle that his wife, Sister Hope, had saved up money for him to buy it.

The gun with the white diamond is the one that he called Blondie.
Brother Branham killed fifty-five head of game with Blondie, and he didn't miss a shot.

"I told Brother Branham that I was going to write a book about "the blonde in his life." I was going to say that she belonged to another man, and was given to him by the other man, and that he killed over her fifty-five times. He said, "If you will write that book, Brother Green, and not tell people it's my gun, it will be a best seller." ~ Brother Pearry Green

Deer and guns

Blondie has the white diamonds, and the little rifle on the other deer is the .22 rifle Brother Branham used to shoot the squirrels that were spoken into existence.


This is an elk which Brother Branham got in Colorado. And these are some more of the rifles that he had.


The deer in the photo on the left hang above the front picture window. They are the deer Brother Branham killed in the Adirondack Mountains in New York.



Around the fireplace are different gifts that people gave him. The horns above the fireplace mantel are a set of moose horns. The rifle on the mantel is an Indian rifle. The ivory tusk on top of the mantel is one that Brother Sidney Jackson gave to him. The elephants on the mantel on the left side are from Africa. I think the snowshoe on the lower right came from Canada. The sombrero hat on the lower left came from Mexico. The quivers of arrows on the lower left came from an Indian.

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