In Tucson, Arizona, early one cloudless morning in February 1965, Brother Branham went up to the end of Alvernon Way, parked his car, and walked up the Finger Rock trail part of the way up the mountain.

073a_1021-finger-rock-closeupRight above him was the place called Finger Rock, which looks like an index finger pointing upward. He had been praying concerning what to do with the questions he would have from the people after he preached a sermon on marriage and divorce, and Something said to him, "Go up yonder in the mountains, and I'll talk to you."

While Brother Branham was praying as he was on the mountain below Finger Rock, an umbrella-shaped, amber-colored cloud went up and down over that mountain for about forty-five minutes. School children were let out to watch it as it went up into the air and came back down like a funnel and went back up and spread out, and came back down again. This happened repeatedly.

When Brother Branham returned from the mountain, he went to the Evans' Service Station on the corner of Prince and Park, just up the street from the duplex apartment that the Branhams were renting from Sister Larson. At the filling station, young Ronnie Evans asked, "Brother Branham, you was up in that mountain over yonder, wasn't you?" He replied, "What do you mean, Ronnie? No." (He didn't tell him directly so he could see what he was going to do.) Ronnie said, "I can show you right where you were at. I called mama, and we stood here and watched that Cloud hanging up in here, going up and down. I said, 'It's got to be Brother Branham setting up in there somewhere. That's God talking to him.'"

1872_img_1186_finger-rockBrother Branham returned to Jeffersonville to preach a series of meetings, including his morning sermon on February 21, 1965, on "Marriage and Divorce," in which he also told this experience. Brother Green and others believe Brother Branham had the revelation of marriage and divorce for twenty years, but he had to get permission from God to grant the people who had messed their lives up, the right to stay as they were in forgiveness, but don't do it again. As with Moses, "it was not so from the beginning," but God showed mercy. It wasn't that God revealed marriage and divorce to him, it's just that on that day God gave that prophet permission to tell those who had their lives messed up to stay as they were, but don't do it again.

The finger on the top of Finger Rock is about two hundred feet tall. Brother Green took the picture on the right from an airplane, when it was flying upside down. "That's the only picture I'll ever take like that - you will never get me to do that again."

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