God is not known by knowing genealogy, it by kneeology, where God knows. You don't find God by studying books; you find God on your knees.

And the first time-- Now look, he bit hisself off gun power. What did he do with that? That was knowledge, the tree of knowledge; he kills his comrade. The next he bit him an automobile. Automobiles kills more then all the wars put together. Knowledge still-- He's got hisself a hydrogen bomb now, I wonder what he's going to do with that? See? He's constantly destroying himself by eating off the tree of knowledge.

So just forget about knowledge and all your puffed-up knowledge, and just remember it's “thus saith the Lord,” and that's what God wants you to believe, is His Word. That's right. That's God's provided way for man and always has been.

-- Brother Branham
December 1, 1953