You cannot break the types and shadows of God. That's what Israel done in the natural. That's what they've done in the spiritual. We realize that those things happened to Israel. Now, they've happened to the church today just as they did then. And we're about the end of the road now, brethren. It's time that something happened. I want to cross Jordan (Don't you?) over into the promised land where we can see--

We've seen good things. God's been good to us; we're not complaining. I'm out here with you. I'm out here on these things with you. But, brethren, let's put ourselves together and go over. We must go over.

The great Joshua, the Holy Ghost that received the promise from God, that come down to lead us, He's never doubted it. Joshua never doubted it; he was God's general. That's exactly right; he was God's general. And he was the one who led the children.

And it's the same Holy Spirit, God's General, the Chief Captain that stood at the gates of Jericho when Joshua come up. The same Chief Captain, our General, wants to lead us into the promised land, and He's the only one can do it. Our organizations will not do it: “Thus saith the Lord.” Mark that down. Put that in your book and see if that was right or not. No organization will never take you over. It'll keep you right on the mountain. But the Holy Spirit will take you to the promised land.

-- Brother Branham
March 16, 1961