Now, let us all tonight check our desires, and then you can see what kind of a filter you've been drawing through. Let's check, each one of us, here and out across the nation. Check your desires, what you want really in life. Check what you're fighting for. Check what you're here for. Check what you go to church for. What makes you—

It's good to go to church, but don't--just don't go to church only; that won't save you. See? Just check just a few minutes. Say, "Is my objective—What kind of a filter am I drawing through anyhow?"

And if you won't cope with the Word of God, and your soul don't do it, then there's something wrong, for it shows up your taste, that the life--what kind of a life is in you. If it's a holy, discreet, honorable, it'll come out that way. If it isn't you've got another taste in you you're drawing from. That's exactly right. And if the taste is the Word of God and the will of God, then you know what's in you, what's drawing the taste. Shows you are a part of that Word. That Word is in you drawing from the Word.

-- Brother Branham
August 22, 1965 pm