Now, the only thing, the little tree, you stick it in the ground, plant it, and it has to grow. It has to draw the moisture from the ground, and it has to draw more than what its 'lotted portion is. You have to give it plenty of water. And when you give it water, it just drinks, and drinks, and drinks till it can't hardly drink no more, and it just starts pushing out. And it pushes out limbs, pushes out leaves, pushes out blossoms, pushes out apples. The apples was on the inside of it at the beginning. And it just has to drink.

And every man that's borned-again in Christ Jesus-- Everything you have need of, your healing-- Satan will afflict you, sure he will. But everything you have need of in the whole life's journey is in you right then. And we are planted in Christ Jesus. You see what I mean?

-- Brother Branham
May 7, 1953