And when we were sinners, alienated, without God, in the world, in that muck of mud as I talked about this morning, God come to us. God sought you; you never sought God. "No man can come to Me except the Father draws him first." And God came down in that muck, what you were, and sought you out and brought you out. That ought to create a perfect love. Look what you was, and look what you are. What did that? Somebody that loved you. Can't you have faith in what He's promised you then? Real genuine love will create a confidence in His Word.

He caught me when I was nothing. I'm still nothing, but I'm in His hand. See? He caught me. And He loved me when I was unlovable. He loved you when you was unlovable, but He changed you.

Just like the colored sister said, that time in her testimony, she said, "I'm not what I ought to be, and I'm not what I want to be; and then I'm not what I used to be." She knowed she come somewhere, something happened. And that's the way it is.

If God, when I was an alien from Him, so loved me till He stooped down to get me and pick me up, that gives me confidence that He wants to use me. He's got a purpose in doing it. He seen something in me. He seen something in you. He had a reason to save you. Look at the people that's unsaved today. Look at the millions He could've took beside you, but He took you. Amen. No one can take your place. Amen. You're in God's economy. No one can do it. That's His love to you.

Then won't your love reach right back to Him? And there's a love affair. No matter what the situation is, its circumstances is governed by this love that creates faith: that God loves you and you love God, and you love one another, and that brings the faith. All right. Then it can't keep from bringing out just exactly what God promised it would do.

Now, watch. Perfect faith is pure, just as pure as love is. See? Now, when you love somebody, and you got--you love your husband, or you love your wife-- Now, there's no need of anybody telling you you don't do it, because you do do it, and you know you do it.

Now, if I'd ask you, "How can you prove you do it?"

"Oh, I prove it by the way I live to him. (See?) I'm a true, honest wife.” “I'm a loyal, honest husband, and that proves to me that I love my wife,” or “I love my husband." See, your life proves what you are.

It's the same thing Christianity does. See? Your faith, you have confidence in one another; it's pure. And there's something real, that you can't show it to somebody else, yet you got it, and your actions prove it.

And when you got pure, unadulterated faith, like your love is to your companion, then you prove it by the way you act. You ain't complaining no more; you know it's done; just walk along. No matter what the things look like, what anybody else says, you know what's happened. You know that it's finished, just as well as you know you love your husband, as well as you know you love-- See, love and faith has to go together. They're kinfolks; they love. Love produces faith.

When Satan tempts us, we are to resist him in a perfect faith in a perfect Word, like Jesus did. The Word of God is perfect. We're to have perfect faith in this perfect Word and resist Satan.

-- Brother Branham
August 25, 1963 pm