See how the devil robs you. Say, "Oh, you can't do this." All things are possible to them that believe. No matter what it is. You are a part of Deity, a son or dau-- not a servant, a son and a daughter.

Why, brother, it surpasses all Angels, Archangels and everything else. It comes right into the Presence of the Potter Himself. And how are we brought? Through the Blood. Amen. Then you come into Deity. You become a part. You're welded in.

Let's think of God folding around Him now. We're going to enlarge it billions of times from this Blood cell. And there God, in this Blood cell, folded Himself up, and wrapped Himself in this Blood cell, and come to redeem man to Life. Hallelujah.

There, when that Blood cell spread out, spread out, and brought the body Christ Jesus, Jehovah Himself was tabernacled in Him. That through the bursting of that Blood cell at Calvary might bring sons and daughters to Himself, in the Blood cell to the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, into Himself. And we become a part of God. Amen.

That's what makes Satan mad. That's what shakes him. When the Church of Jesus Christ only knew who they were, brother-- Oh, you say, "I know there is nothing impossible with God." He said there is nothing impossible to you. Amen. That changes the subject, doesn't it?

Oh, they says, "There's nothing impossible to God." He said there is nothing impossible with you. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it." Amen.

How much faith can you use? The trouble of it is, that I've found, I said the other night, two different classes of people. One of them is a fundamentalist. Positionally, they know what they are. The next is the Pentecostals. The fundamentalist and the Pentecostals. The Pentecostals have the faith. The fundamentalist has the position truth. They believe it.

Now, but the fundamentalist doesn't have any faith to operate what they believe they are. The pentecostals has it, but don't know who they are. That's it. And look, it's just like a man who has a lot of money in the bank, but he can't write a check. The other man can write a check and ain't got no money in the bank.

If I could ever get them together, brother, the Millennium would start. Why, this old nation would see something shaking like it never seen before. Signs and wonders would appear from everywhere. If you could ever get fundamental faith and pentecostal people, or a pentecostal faith and fundamental people--

The Pentecostals has received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And that makes them a part fellowship in relationship with God, that's borned-again, and a son and daughter of God. Tell them out of the Bible and they'll believe it.

But the thing of it is, they forget who they are. They think, "Well, I don't know." Oh, brother, you that's borned-again are sons and daughters of God, coequal with Jesus Christ, in His Presence. Oh, my. That's what makes the devil angry. Is let the Church of God realize who they are.

Oh, you great living Church of the living God, you should-- You who have claimed to have kissed the blessings off of the rim of the cup, sometimes I wonder if God could ever take His Gospel and shake you to a place, till you'd realize who you are, and the rights that you have, the God-given privileges.

-- Brother Branham
December 4, 1954