• Earthquakes are mentioned in the Bible - some are past and some are in the future.
  • Within the sermons that Brother Branham preached, there are many statements and prophecies about earthquakes. Various details are found within these statements. Below are a few.
  • Earthquake Articles - Facts - Videos - There are many facts about earthquakes and the effects of them. Many facts can be found on the web.

The first time Brother Branham mentioned earthquakes was around 1935, when he said the time would come when the ocean/sea would weep its way into the desert. In 1958 (and other times), he speaks about the ocean weeping its way into the desert.
Then after the prophecy was given on April 29, 1965, concerning Los Angeles sinking to the bottom of the sea, Brother Branham referred back to this prophecy made in 1935.
In 1951, as Brother Branham spoke to the congregation in the Calvary Temple in Los Angeles, California, he warned that judgment was approaching and that it probably would strike right there first.
In 1954, as he preached in the Lane Tech High School in Chicago, Illinois, he warned that when a person spurns the God’s mercy, the only thing that is left is judgment. Then later in the sermon, he spoke about the Puget Sound area having experienced "tidal waves."
In April 1957, Brother Branham and his wife were in an earthquake in California. He again gave a warning.
In May 1962, Brother Branham again warned America.
In 1964, Brother Branham was hunting at Sunset/Klondyke, the whirlwind descended three times, and the Lord told him: “Judgment---Striking---West Coast.” 

California earthquake prophecy

A matter of days after this, on Good Friday, March 28, 1964, an earthquake hit Prince William Sound, Alaska. The earthquake had a 9.2 moment magnitude, and the duration was about 4 minutes. It was felt over a large area of Alaska and in parts of western Yukon Territory and British Columbia, Canada. To date, this is the largest earthquake to hit North America and it is the second largest quake recorded by the USGS.

On April 9, 1964, about two weeks after the Alaskan earthquake, Brother Branham gave an explanation and referred to the earthquake that happened when Jesus died on Good Friday.
On December 27, 1964, Brother Branham predicted that God would sink California, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and “them filthy places over there.”
In 1965, the Rat Islands off of Alaska had several large shakes. On February 4, they had a magnitude 8.7. Near the same area, they had a large shaking again on March 30, with a 7.5 magnitude. Then again, on Good Friday, April 16, 1965, it had a 5.0 magnitude shaking.

In a sermon on April 26, 1965, Brother Branham told the people in Los Angeles, California, about how the birds and animals in India sensed the danger prior to the earthquake. He used a couple of examples and then concluded that God warned nature.
The morning of April 29, 1965, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the state of Washington. It centered in the Puget Sound, which is 15 miles south of Seattle.

In the evening service on April 29, 1965, in Los Angeles, California, Brother Branham preached, "Choosing Of A Bride." He began by addressing the concerns the people had asked him about the earthquakes.

The year before, the March 1964 Alaskan earthquake caused damage down the coast. By April 1965, several quakes had already occurred in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska (and other large ones had occurred around the world). Earlier that morning, the earthquake had struck the state of Washington. Concerned by these recent earthquakes, people had asked Brother Branham if he thought the quakes would continue down the West Coast to where they were in Los Angeles, California. That night, Brother Branham approached the subject at the beginning of his sermon.
Within the sermon, Brother Branham retold about the experience he had in Sunset when the whirlwind came down and he was told, “Judgment is striking the West Coast.” Then he told of a vision he had of the preview of the Bride on July 3, 1964. (The first time he told about this was in his sermon, The Masterpiece. July 5, 1964. Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA.)
At the end of the sermon, Choosing Of A Bride, Brother Branham gave solemn warnings concerning the way people live and what God requires of them. Shortly after that, the people’s questions about the earthquakes were answered.

That night, Brother Branham was told what he had said at the end of the service. When he was told about the reference to Capernaum, he looked in the Bible and found where Jesus rebuked Capernaum. "And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I say unto you, That it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee." [Matthew 11:23--24; also found in Luke 10:15]
The complete audio excerpt concerning the California earthquake prophecy from "Choosing of a Bride"
On July 25, 1965, Brother Branham spoke about what a scientist had told when he was asked if the Los Angeles, West Coast area could sink.
On August 22, 1965, Brother Branham admonished the United States, and then he spoke of a piece of land 1500 miles long and 300 to 400 miles wide sinking.
On September 19, 1965, as Brother Branham was praying, he mentioned some judgment prophecies from the Bible which concern the end time.
On December 4, 1965, Brother Branham preached in Yuma, Arizona, and reminded them that the prophecy concerning Los Angeles sinking in the ocean was “thus saith the Lord,” and it would come to pass. Then he reminded them about the experience he had in Sunset the year before when the whirlwind cut the rocks out of the mountain, and it blasted hard three times and said, “Judgment will strike the West Coast.”
In his last visit to California, Brother Branham exhorted the people and admonished them again to make sure all things are right with the Lord Jesus.