In 1954, as he preached in the Lane Tech High School in Chicago, Illinois, he warned that when a person spurns the God’s mercy, the only thing that is left is judgment. Then later in the sermon, he spoke about the Puget Sound area having experienced "tidal waves."
“This great city here, which has become wicked like the rest of the world, one of these days you won’t receive mercy; you’ve got to receive judgment. And while God’s hand is a moving in mercy and the doors are open, run into It and be safe, into the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a sign. Look out on the West Coast, up in the Puget Sound. Here recently, how those big tidal waves struck.

“Never been know in the world to ever do that, how those signs, earthquakes, perplexed of times, distress between nations--- Look at it today. Look. Talking about distress between the nations, there's not a hope. You couldn't put---hang your hope on nothing today outside of Jesus Christ.”