In April 1957, Brother Branham and his wife were in an earthquake in California. He again gave a warning.

"Jesus begin to tell them that, and they said, ‘What will be the sign of the coming of the end of the world?’

"And Jesus begin to speak to them, ‘The time will come when there will not be stone left upon the other. You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, pestilence, earthquakes in divers places.’

"The other day over in California, up in Oakland…it was the first time that my wife had ever been in an earthquake. I was setting in the barber shop, and…the room shook just a little, and the radio quickly announced a earthquake was on. Said, 'They’re looking for another one in about eight minutes.' And I thought, 'Oh, what if this is the last one?'

"I hurried from the barber shop, met my wife who was waiting on the street---Walked into a little drugstore…while we were there, one of the most mysterious, funny feelings that man could ever feel---the whole earth begin to rock. The bottles begin to fall from the shelf, the flues begin to fall off the building, and into the street…the people screaming and crying as the plaster fell from the walls. And the big buildings with 30 and 40 stories, rocked together until the smoke or dust from the mortar went up like great mushroom. And people begin to scream and run.

"I said, 'That is the finger of Almighty God, saying, "The handwriting’s on the wall."'

"…While the day was going on, eight different earthquakes rocked that city. And beer joints stayed open, and drunks swarmed into the streets, and women walked the streets, half-dressed and everything, as if nothing had ever happened.

"People are so earthbound today till I don’t know what it will take to shake this country. They just seem to be so unconcerned. They don’t notice….

"Brethren, it’s later than you think. Sodom and Gomorrah little knew that night that they were living their last hour. Little did Egypt know that the death angel that had been predicted to come would come that night. Little did Pearl Harbor realize that raid that took place--- We are weighed in the balance and found wanting. We are near the end time.

"What would happen if they, right in Moscow, could direct them missiles, guided by the stars and radar, could land that bomb exactly on Fourth Street in Louisville if they wanted to. That’s right. And we can stand out there in the sea somewhere, on our ships, and direct one right straight on the capital of Moscow if we want to. What would happen, my brother, if that great missile turning would take place, and this country would receive a shake, at the same hour we’d turn loose the same things and shake it to the other side?

"And we’re living on a little, bitty, tiny, thin crust, anyhow, when the earthquakes have eat around and eat around until it’s like hollowing out an egg. If she’d make one big burst and this 8,000-miles-thick of lava would spurt into the air, it would do exactly what God said would take place.

"We’re at the end time---we’re here. No way to stop it.

"All the begging--- We might put an Eisenhower in every county, and it will never stop it. Jesus Christ said these times would come; we're here. The fig tree putting forth its bud."