Brother Branham talks about going up into British Columbia, because he could get away from all the spirits and everything down here. Maybe I could shed a little light for this.

In 1950, when Brother Branham came to Beaumont, Texas, he stayed in the Alamo Plaza Hotel. In 1961, he came back and stayed in the same room in the Alamo Plaza Hotel. When he came back in 1964, I was the sponsoring pastor and I got him the same room. When I took him to his room, he came back outside, and said, “Brother Green, can you get me another room?” I thought to myself, “Well, this hotel is getting old.” So I said to him, “I sure can, brother. Get your suitcase, and we’ll go over here to another motel.” So we went over to the Ridgeway Motor Inn, which was a brand new motel over on the highway. When I took him in the room, #83, he came back out and said, “This is much too nice.” I thought to myself, “One’s not nice enough—the other one’s too nice—can’t make up your mind.” I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Three weeks later, we’re in Tampa, Florida, and someone else is in charge of getting the rooms. I’m there in the same motel as he. Brother Branham went into his room, and then came out and told the brother in charge, “Brother, could you go up front and see if they got another room?” I thought to myself, “Here we go again.” When they walked away, Brother Branham turned to me and said, “Brother Green, last night somebody committed adultery in that room, and I don’t want to stay there.”

So then, I realized what he was talking about... That going to these types of places, like in this photo, was the only place he could go to get away from spirits and all these things. Because every spirit that came around, he was sensitive to it. That’s the reason prophets love the wilderness.  ~  Brother Pearry Green


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