Brother Branham first started preaching in a Baptist church where Dr. Roy Davis was the pastor.

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Branham Tabernacle's beginning


This photo is the group of young people he was with at that time. He stopped preaching at the Baptist church when they told him he had to ordain women preachers, which is against the Bible.

Brother Branham always had a desire to go west, but he decided to stay and build a tabernacle when several of the people asked him to and when one of the young mothers told him they would allowance their children at the table to help build one, that was too much for him and he stayed and built one.


In 1933, at Eighth and Penn Streets, where a lily pond was, Brother Branham built a very simple building for a church. It was heated with a wood heater and it had a sawdust floor.

When he started building it, he only had about eighty-six cents in his pocket. People laughed at him, saying, "Aw, you're building that building-they'll be making an automobile garage out of it before it's over with."


Once, when he was in some financial difficulties, he was going to take up an offering. When he saw a widow woman, sitting on the front row, fumbling to open her change purse, he changed his mind. As a result, he never took up an offering. If the people wanted to pay their tithes and give offerings, he had a box in the back of the church for that.


In this photo Brother Branham is laying the cornerstone. At that time, he lived in the house that is in this photo's background.

Branham Tabernacle congregation

These old saints used to sit around an old pot-bellied stove and worship, pray for each other, and cry when they had to leave each other. In this photograph, Brother Branham is in a dark suit in the upper middle of the congregation (fifth one in from the side). Look at the congregation-with just a simple, humble building-they loved the Lord-and what a visitation they saw.

The photo below is of the congregation in the 1940's.



Brother Branham


His son Billy Paul


His sister, Delores ("Dottie")


His black-headed mama, Grandma Branham (in the middle facing right) - We called Sister Meda, "Sister Branham," and we called Brother Branham's mom "Grandma Branham."

Branham Tabernacle in the 1950's


Branham Tabernacle in the 1950's

This is the way the building began to look when they paved the streets, and put in curbs and a drainage system. They named it "Branham Tabernacle," but Brother Branham said they shouldn't have done that. It's never been known by any other name. He wanted it to be a place where people could come and find Jesus Christ.

Branham Tabernacle remodeled

In 1962 and 1963, they remodeled it (as seen in the photo below), making it one-third larger. It seats a little over five hundred people.


Outside Branham Tabernacle


Inside Branham Tabernacle

Originally, the ceiling was a curved ceiling. The observation was made, that out over the sanctuary there's celetex ceiling, but over the pulpit area, there is cedar.


Cedar wood over the pulpit area.

When God built the tabernacle in Israel, He had them line the Holiest of Holies with cedar. I believe that when God had them build this tabernacle, it was already in Brother Branham's heart to do things right. I don't know that he knew what he was doing, but God knew that the Seals would be preached underneath this. That's the reason I believe that this attic is in cedar. These things don't make believers out of you, but there are no details that are left out with what God did with this man.

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