In many things of life we are given a choice. The way of life itself is a choice. We have a right to make our own way, choose our own way that we want to live.

Education is a choice. We can choose whether we are going to be educated, or whether we are not going to be educated. That's a choice that we have.

Right and wrong is a choice. Every man, every woman, boy, and girl has to choose whether they are going to try to live right or not live right. It's a choice. Choice is a great thing.

Your eternal destination is a choice, and maybe tonight some of you will make that choice of where you'll spend eternity, before this service ends tonight. There'll be one time that, if you turn God down many times, there'll be one time you'll turn Him down the last time. There is a line between mercy and judgment, and it's a dangerous thing for a man or a woman, boy or girl, to step across that line, for there's no return when you step across that deadline. So tonight it might be the time that many will make their decision where they will spend the endless eternity.

-- Brother Branham
April 29, 1965 pm