Always notice, a big man humbles himself. The way up is down always. Make yourself little, and God will bring you up. "He that exalts himself, shall be abased, but he that humbles himself shall be exalted." Oh, my, I like that.

Make yourself little; always be little. Don't be the big shot; be the little fellow. See? God's the only One among us that's big anyhow. That's right.

You always say, "It's a holy church, the holy people." Oh, no. It's a holy God (That's right.) and an unholy church and unholy people. That's right. Ain't no such thing as a holy church; it's a holy God in the Church.

It's not a holy people; it's the Holy Ghost in the people. Then you're talking not of the people; you're talking of the Holy Ghost that's in the people. Amen, amen. That's the right words. Amen. That struck home; I felt that one. Yes, sir. He liked that; I know that. Glory. Yes, sir. All right.

-- Brother Branham
October 13, 1962