Jesus said to those Pharisees in the 12th chapter there. He said.

...if a man speaks against the Son of man, it'll be forgiven him: but whoever speaks against the Holy Ghost, will never be forgiven him,... in this world, neither the world to come.

What is "speaking evil against, speaking against the Holy Spirit, speaking against--?

Now, you could be mistaken, say, "The operation of the Holy Ghost-- Somebody shouting, it could be the Holy Ghost." That could, and it could not be. You say, "Speaking in tongues, he speaking in tongues, is the Holy Ghost speaking through it?" That could be, and it could not be. That's exactly right. 'Cause I've lived to see the time that I know that everything speaks with tongues hasn't got the Holy Spirit on them.

I've seen devils speak with tongue. I've seen witch doctors speak in tongues. I've seen them drink blood out of a human skull and speak with tongues. I've seen pencils lay on the table, and write in an unknown tongues, and witches read it. That don't mean that they're a Christian.

I've seen them shout, and jump up-and-down, and praise the Lord, and go out and steal, and lie, and cheat, and everything else. I know that doesn't come from God.

But I tell you, brother, where there is Divine, perfect love of God resting in the heart, sealed, the same yesterday, today, moving on, you can begin to take thought of that. Jesus said, "This will all men know that you're My disciples, when you have love one for another."

"Where there's tongues, it'll cease. Where there's knowledge, it'll vanish. Where there's faith, it'll fail," and all these things here. "But when that which is perfect come, which is love, it will never pass away." That's right, the love of Christ.

I can't judge by anything that you do. The only Judge there is is Almighty God. But Jesus said, "By their fruits you shall know them."

-- Brother Branham
October 24, 1954