See, we got too many things ahead of the Lord. You can't have the prayer meeting because Mr. Godfrey's on tonight. You can't have the prayer meeting because "We Love Sucy" is on tonight, or some kind of a foolish nonsense like that, that takes up the time. And we don't have time to hear the voice of the Lord.

And those who do claim to be Christians, just kneel down of the little prayer like this, kinda homemade. "Lord bless me, and my family, and take care of us. Good night." And the next morning rise and say, "Just guide us through the day. Good day."-- We should wait on the Lord.

You see, we do all the talking. We don't give Him a chance to talk back to us. That if we would pray and pray until our soul comes into the Presence of God, and then just relax and listen to His voice.

-- Brother Branham
October 5, 1958 am