Now, what if I'd say, "Lady, are you sick?"

She'd say, "Yes, Mr. Branham, I am sick."

"Glory to God. Hallelujah!" Shake her, say, "Glory to God. Receive it. Hallelujah. Go on. You're healed." That could be all right. Sure, that'd be fine. She'd believe it, she'd get well. Certainly.

Just like what Charlie Fuller said down here one time, Brother Fuller. He said, "I believe in these gifts, and I believe in these great gifts of healing too." But said, "They're gifts of healing, but God's going to make them men answer at the judgment bar for commercializing it." And I believe so too. He's right there. Yes, sir. Don't commercialize God. He can't be commercialized. But God will make you pay for what you're doing, the way you use it.

-- Brother Branham
February 8, 1961