Now, in Jesus was God. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself, and these people believed His testimony. And them that did truly believe it could draw God's blessings from Him. And when they did so, He said virtue went from Him. Virtue is strength. He-- In other words, if we'd say it today, he got weak when the people drawed off of Him. Well, if it worked that way in that human body, it'll work in another human body.

And we create a--our atmosphere around us, each one of us. You've been with people that were nice people, but you just couldn't hardly be around them. Then you've been with other people that you just loved to be around them. You create that atmosphere. And, oh, wouldn't you have loved to have been around Jesus just a-- Wonderful. See what that atmosphere He created would've been. I imagine it was just one great big bundle of love, and respects, and godly fear.

-- Brother Branham
January 17, 1963