What was it? There was another William Branham. See? A little spot of Eternal Life down there, from the genes of God, the Word of God that was placed in there. Each one of you can think of similar things. See? It was working.

Then I looked up to the trees and I'd think, "Leaf, I seen you fall off last year, and what are you back there again? Where'd you come from? What brought you here?" See? It was that Eternal Life working in the body.

Now, then one day as I walked on, that Voice talking, "Don't never smoke, drink, so forth." And the young fellows and all, I got older. See, there was Something moving.

But yet all at once I looked up, and I said, "I'm not the son of Charles and Ella Branham. There's Something calling." Like my little eagle, "I'm not a chicken. There's Something up yonder, somewhere. O great Jehovah, Whoever You are, open it up. I want to come home. There's Something in me, calling."

Then I was borned again. That little Life was laying there; the life of water was poured upon It, then It begin to grow. Now, that old life was forgiven, put in the sea of God's forgetfulness, to never be remembered against me no more. See? Now, we stand justified, as though we never had sinned in the Presence of God.

-- Brother Branham
December 12, 1965