Joshua seen the same thing; he said, "Gather the Israelites up and down this river here, you're going to see the glory of God." Yes, sir.

"How are you going to get across the river?"

"That's not my business. It's my business to walk down to the river. It's God's business to open it up when I get there." That's right.

It's your business to testify and claim your healing, say, "I'm healed." And it's God's business to take care of it after you testify and proclaim it. That's right. God give you a dare to try it. So now just take it tonight and find out whether it's right or not. I like that...

Any man in the Bible, and any man through the age, that's ever had any get-up about them, has been men who dared to stand there, and call black black, and white white (That's right.), took God at His promise and stood there.

-- Brother Branham
May 8, 1953