O God, have mercy. Where can you find any creed that's better than the Word of God? Where can you find any love that's deeper than the love of Jesus Christ? Where can you find any satisfaction deeper than the satisfaction Jesus Christ gives? What makes you do the things you do, is because you're-- it shows a emptiness. A woman that wears her eyes blue, and cuts off her hair, and wears manicure-- And a man that will stand and permit his wife and children to act like that, it goes to show there's a emptiness somewhere that ought to be filled with power, that ought to be Christ in there. But it testifies of itself.

A man that would proselyte, bring believers from one group to another, it shows there's an emptiness there. He's working for an organization instead of the Kingdom of God. I don't care where they go to, as long as they're borned of the Spirit of God they'll live a Christian life. A emptiness, the works testify of it.

-- Brother Branham
January 26, 1963