Notice. They were talking of Him when He appeared. Now, that's a good thing. We notice here in the Scripture, it says, "and while they talked of Him--" While they spoke of these things, going along talking about Him, sad, when they find out that He appeared.

And when He appeared, He appeared unto them while they were going along reasoning about Him. That's when He always appears, is when we talk about Him. Always through the Scripture, is when the people talk about God, that's when He appeared.

Now we're too busy talking about other things. I think that's the reason many people who love Him fail to see Him.

We're so busy with our creeds, and denominations, and business about the churches, and memberships, and getting more members, and things; we're too busy to talk about Him. He's the Word. We're too interested in what...some creed, some textbook, or something else says. "How many members can we get in? Vote them in. Shall we take this one, that one, the others?"

We should be constantly giving ourselves to the Word of God and prayer, studying the Word. But we're too interested in something else.

-- Brother Branham
February 12, 1964