Remember, that God doesn't have stuffed-out shirts. When you get to a place that you're willing to be nothing, then God can make something out of you. But as long as you're trying to be big, and a lot of flowery advertising, and all this stuff, and going on, in my opinion something's happened. See? Jesus went along doing good, going to the poor and needy.

He never made of Himself any reputation. Did you ever think of that? He made of Himself no reputation.

The man that made an artificial tooth made a reputation for himself; but the One that made the real tooth made of Himself no reputation.

The man that made an artificial arm made a reputation for himself; but the Man Who made the real arm made of Himself no reputation.

The way up is down. Always remember that. Be humble; be sweet and kind; be creative. Let Christ be in you.

Did you ever see people you love to be around, just love to be around them? Because they create an atmosphere, a heavenly, and you like to be around them. Others seem to be good people, but you just--I have to get away once in a while, that-- You know what I mean. And yet they seem to be good people. It's not creative.

And man was made to be a god; we know that. Genesis 1:26, he had domain over the whole earth, and he was made to be an amateur god. And now, when he receives God, he becomes a son of God again. He was made in the image of God.

God had hands; God had feet; and so therefore a man was made like Him. So he is an amateur god. But sin has blinded every fiber in his body, in his mind, in his heart. But now, don't never try to study it out. You cannot figure it out.

In the garden of Eden Satan chose his part of the man: his head, his intellectuals. God took his heart. The intellectuals will reason. "Why, well, I'm this way, and I'm that way." You'll never get anywhere with God there. But your heart, your faith will make you believe things that your mind knows nothing about. You cast down reasoning. See, you must be positive, and you stay there until you are positive. Then when you're positive, there's nothing can turn you.

-- Brother Branham
February 5, 1961 pm