I thought when I heard the story, "That's right. What Jesus became for us, He became death and sin, that we who were really guilty and sinners-- Oh, my. You say, "If that'd have been my mother, I'd have been proud about her." What about your Lord tonight? Are you really ashamed of Him, or are you really proud that He saved you, and you're willing to give a testimony?

Divine love is one of the most powerful forces. It's one of the greatest forces in the world. And when Divine love has been projected and comes to Its end, then sovereign grace will take its place. Now, that's my text. When Divine love has been projected--

Project Divine love and it comes to its end, till it can't go no farther, then sovereign grace will come in and take its place.

Now, do you realize, being a son or daughter of God, that you are a minor creator? Do you know you create the atmosphere that you live in? Do you realize that the atmosphere that you dwell in, you influence somebody else? What makes people act the way they do? Is because--

What makes the drunks like to be with drunks. As my mother used to say the old proverb, and I think it's southern here too: "Birds of a feather flock together," because they have things in common. You don't see crows and doves dwelling together, because they don't have no fellowship. They don't have things in common. The crow can fly on a dead carcass and eat it. And-- But the dove will go to the wheat field and eat the grain.

Now, I want you to notice what the Devil can do. Now, the dove cannot set on the dead carcass and eat. But the crow can eat the dead carcass and also eat the wheat. He's a hypocrite. See? The dove can't do it, because her makeup is different.

Now, a person can impersonate Christianity, but a Christian can't impersonate sin. The Spirit that's in him won't let him do it. He has--

The dove, the reason she couldn't eat that, it would kill her. She had no gall, as we spoke the other night. She has no gall. If she'd eat it, it would kill her; the poison would kill her. She can't do it.

But the crow can both eat the dead carcass and the wheat also. So that's what an impersonator can do. But a real genuine Christian can be nothing else but a pure article of God.

-- Brother Branham
July 26, 1956