See, that's the difference. Somebody wants their name in some big something, but God's people wants to shun that kind of stuff. They don't want great big things, and great big something; they want to be humble, that humility. The way up is down. "He that humbles himself shall be exalted; he that exalts himself shall be abased." Humbled himself-- Don't try to be a big something; try to be a little something, but be what you are. See? Be little in the sight of God; be little in your own sight; everybody else is above you. "Lets him's the greatest among you be minister to all."

Who could be greater than Jesus Christ Who girded Himself and washed the disciples' feet? A foot washing flunky He become. The God of heaven, the Creator of heavens and earth, washing dirty feet for fishermen (Oh.), with manure and stuff, and dust off the roads, where their garments had swept it up, and washing it off; a foot washing flunky, what He was. And then we think we're somebody. We got to be Doctor, Ph.D. So-and-so. Oh, my. That ain't Christ. That don't display the lovely Jesus Christ. He become servant to all. That's right. Taught us an example that we should do to one another as He's did unto us. Oh, that's my Lord. What makes Him big, because He made Hisself little. See, that's what made Him be.

I've had the privilege of meeting some great men in my life, and I've had some privilege of meeting men that thought they were great. A real great man tries to make you think you're great and He's nothing. See? Meeting kings, and so forth, and men who are really are great men… Meet real staunch Christians, patched clothes, and things like that, and some of them come to the pulpit like a bandbox.

-- Brother Branham
December 7, 1960