But while they were thinking on Him, He appeared to them. And that’s the way He usually comes to us. When you usually find your greatest blessing, you housewives? When the children’s all gone to school, and you’re out by yourself washing the dishes or something, when you’re running the sweeper on the floor or something.

When do you men? When you’re setting eating your lunch, maybe by yourself, and reading the Bible on the side, somewhere where you’re on your road going home in the car, and you’re meditating on... If we would let the thoughts of our heart, and the meditations of my mind be upon Him, He would appear often to us.

But the trouble, we’re thinking about where we’re going to make the next dollar, and what we’re going to do here, and how this is going to be. Jesus said, “All these things will be taken care of, but seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”

-- Brother Branham
April 1, 1956