The people get one another's spirit, in the stead of getting the Holy Spirit. You go into a group of people, and you watch the way that a person acts, and them kind people that come into that congregation the first thing you know they act the same way. You add, or--

You take a good woman and a bad man, and he will either-- She'll-- He will either become a good man or her a bad woman. In the atmosphere that you live in, you project to your associates what you are.

Then what type of people ought we to be if we're a Christian? What type of an atmosphere should we live in? In a consoling, soothing, healing atmosphere we should live in, with our hearts constantly in prayer with a deep love for ever person we come in contact with…

If I say this to the little churches prayed for me for the world missions, that's my success in praying for the sick. If I can't get right down into the feeling of the sickness with the person, it usually doesn't do any good. You've got to come right down till it's just-- and you feel it yourself.

-- Brother Branham
August 26, 1956