Now, if I have quoted to you the Scripture right, listen to what God said here in His Word. Listen what Jesus said here. "He that heareth My words," that's the Gospel being preached "and believeth," in his heart, "on Him that sent Me, hath," that's present tense, right now, "Everlasting Life," that can't die. And the right-- Now, you might not know Greek. But the right Greek translation is has "Zoe," which means, "God's own life." Has Zoe, "and shall never come into condemnation; but passed from death unto Life."

Here's what happens then if you die now, according to the Word of God, you go out of the existence of people who can see you into His Presence. And there you live. You can look back. You're in-- You're not in the world no more. You're in another world. And then what do you do? You're like those souls under the altar, saying, "Lord, how long will it be?" See? You'll never be an Angel. You wasn't made an Angel. You were made men and women, so you're longing to come back. 'Cause you can see then when you get up here, and say, "Well, I see what it's all about. I know why I had to die there. I know why that taken place. I'm not--"

You never die. Jesus said, "He that heareth My words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life." You can't die. You can't die. You just-- You die to the mortal part. But you're alive here. Your spirit's right here with Christ.

Then you say, "Lord, how long is it?" 'Cause you wasn't made to be there. You wasn't made that, because you're a human being. And you're longing to come back into this body, perfect again. And He said, "Just a little while longer, until your fellow servants, there, has suffered like the martyrs did back there." Then you will return, coming down--

After you go out of this body, out of cosmic light and petroleums, and what you're made up of, you go into the fourth dimension, out of that, into the fifth dimension, then the sixth dimension. Then God's in the seventh. You're right under His altar.

Then when God let's your spirit loose, it picks up what? Comes out of the sixth dimension, into the fifth, cosmic light; come out of the light, into petroleums; out of petroleum, into the senses. And here you are back on earth again, a brand new person, not old and broke down, never to be sick. Your hair will never turn gray. You'll never be wrinkled. You'll never separate no more. You'll never die. You'll never be hungry. You'll never have a worry. You'll walk with your loved ones, and shake their hands, and eat, drink, build houses and inhabit them, and live forever and forever in the Presence of the Lord Jesus. That's what you've got this morning because you heard the Word of God.

Isn't it simple? Preachers make it so complicated, you have to come and take prohibitions, and all these other things. It's not. The Bible said, "It's so plain, till even a fool shouldn't error." Just accepting it, believing it something happens in here. Then God moves in with His Spirit, in that little hollow place there in the heart, now, that soul. Now, you believe the Word of God, and you have Everlasting Life.

Now, what you need now, if you've never been baptized with water, is to be baptized for the remission of your sins. And then God has promised to give you the Holy Spirit the very minute you are baptized. He could do it right now without even being baptized.

Then peace comes into the heart and everything. Then you begin. Then you can really shout like a Christian should shout. Then the speaking with tongues. And then the gifts of the Spirit begins to manifest behind a pure heart, a real foundation. Watch what happens then. Then that's real Holy Spirit. But if you just come up on a little emotion, it'll never work. You'll go right back out and hate.

You watch your hearts now, how you'll long to read the Bible. How you'll want to get alone to talk with Him, and say, "O Father, oh, I just love You." That's the fellowship. See? That's what we need. Don't you think so, friends? God bless you.

-- Brother Branham
April 3, 1955