Just as God revealed to Daniel those things which would take place from then until the end of time, God also showed Brother Branham seven things which would happen before the end. Five of the seven things have already happened. Brother Branham referred to these in several sermons, but had the most complete accounts in "Hybrid Religion" [also titled, "Condemnation by Representation"] and in "The Seventieth Week Of Daniel."

"Hybrid Religion" [also titled "Condemnation by Representation"], November 13, 1960

"The Seventieth Week Of Daniel," August 6, 1961
In the vision Brother Branham saw some dreadful things take place. After telling them, some people were so shocked they wanted to throw Brother Branham out of the hall for saying such things; others wanted to throw him in jail or lock him up. Remember, we are looking back at history on five of these prophecies which have been fulfilled. Public opinion of Mussolini was not bad at the time of the vision, and for some it still is not. People at that time could not believe the newly elected President, Franklin Roosevelt, would help lead the world into a world war. So when Brother Branham first told this vision, these events were shocking to the people who heard them.

The following is the entire text of this vision from the sermon, "Hybrid Religion." The items inside quotation marks are what Brother Branham read. You can hear this in his voice as you listen to the sermon. While he is reading the vision, the items in parenthesis are the comments he is making. After he is finished reading, he makes more comments and repeats another prophecy concerning 1956 and one concerning a President who would be a crew cut, playboy, beatnik-type, lady’s man.
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