by Owen Jorgensen
“Somewhere in the world, a sincere teenager is searching for answers to questions like: Does God really exist? If so, who is He? And where is He? And is this God interested in my life? To you, young searcher, this book is dedicated… For so once was I.”

“I structured this biography chronologically, feeling that much insight could be gained by watching William Branham’s life unfold step by step. Many biographers remain ever-present in their text, analyzing and explaining the future significance of every event they describe. I chose not to do this, letting the meaning of each event remain a mystery until that point in the story when William Branham himself learned its significance. This allows the reader to follow his life as he lived it, to understand the development of his character, and to appreciate his struggle to comprehend the meaning of his peculiar life.” —Owen Jorgensen
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