There's one Healer; that's God. God is the only One Who can build cells, make life; therefore, it's not in the power of man to do that. A doctor can set a bone, or give you medicine to poison germs, that he put so much in it, and an antidote to keep it from killing you, and kill the germ and so forth. He can do that. But the tissue that's been torn down, or bone that's been broken, the appendicitis that's been taken out, the appendix, he cannot heal that. It takes God. God heals. Man can remove a--a something that's causing it, if it's possible to move that organ, he can cut it out, and cut off the blood veins and pull that, or that tissue out, that's a wild cell, like tumor, cancer, or something. If he can get ahold of it, he can remove that. But to heal, he cannot, and he'll tell you that.

And, now, healing is of God alone. God alone has purchased for us our healing. It's up to us to do everything that we can, in our life, and in every way that God has give us, for our healing, but it's God that heals. If God calls you to go home tonight, there isn't enough medicine in the world to keep you here. There's nothing going to keep you here. And if He determines you to stay on the earth, no matter how many physicians says you're going tonight, you're not going. So it's just all up to God.

-- Brother Branham
March 4, 1964