The only thing that we can do is work according to the law of God for our healing. Is that right? What is the law of God? His love. "Perfect love cast out all fear." Love and faith is the same thing. See? Love, perfect love casts out all fear which gives faith. You see?

Now, if you'll just love God with all your heart. And if you've done something to you neighbor or somebody, just say in your heart now, "I love them too." See? "And I love God will all my heart, and I have-- Brother Branham, I have criticized you a little bit, but I love you anyhow." See?

All right. Now, just let that take place like that, and just get that whole atmosphere in here of love, then watch the law of God go to work just on that. See? That's how it's-- Just the same as it made the hornets go back, as it stopped the bull in the field, and oh, my, of the things that I could tell you.

-- Brother Branham
February 16, 1954