God’s throne is in the human heart. There we become one, one in purpose, one in achievement. If the Methodist brother wins a hundred souls to God, “Amen and amen.” If the Presbyterian, whatever he might be, wins a soul to Christ, “Amen and amen.” If Tommy Osborn wins a million souls this year, and Oral Roberts a million souls, and Billy Graham a million souls, and every other denomination a million souls, I can stand and praise the living God. Because that’s what we’re achieving, the Kingdom of God, that’s where our objective is to do, to send souls to Him. They’re borned again Christians. That’s when we’re one. We’re united together. We’re brethren.

And not as long as you say, “Well, they’re not Methodists, they’re not Baptists, they’re not this, that, or the other,” then your whole motive is wrong, and your objective, and all you achieve is wrong; when you’re trying to do something within yourself to make it look big, when you’re little. Remember.

Did you ever notice wheat growing? If you see wheat stand up and just shaking itself like that, remember, there’s no head in it. It’s empty. A full head always bows. And a man that’s full, and filled with God’s goodness and His mercy, He bows his head in humility. “He that will humble himself, God will exalt. He that exalts himself, shall be made abased.”

Friends, it’s time that men and women woke up to the facts, that we want to be one. Jesus prayed that we might be one, just as God and Him were One. And God was in Him. And we are One with Christ if we let Christ come in. But it’s the only way we can do, is to let Him take the control room in our heart, then we become One.

-- Brother Branham
December 21, 1958 pm