Now, those people there, oh, they had to wash their pots and kettles, and wash before eating, and all these regular traditions they had to go through. But Jesus condemned them all, and set them aside, and told them they were devils. Could you think of such a thing?

Do you believe He'd do the same thing in the churches today? He most certainly would. We've wound ourself around traditions and things, until we got ourself in the same mess we was then. And now, when God displays Himself in simplicity, then they don't recognize it at all. It's above their way of thinking. They've got it all fixed up the way that they think it ought to be, and if it doesn't come that way, they won't receive it. That's the only way; that's what's always been the trouble. Remember, the way up is down. Now, that's right. "He that humbles himself shall be exalted."

How do you know whether it's-- Which is up and down? If the world's standing in space, is the north pole up or the south pole up? Which one is it? See? And you say, "Oh, the morning star, and the evening star." It's both the same star. See, the same light was given in the morning is the same evening star. The world's just turned around, that's all. See, so it's not so complicated after all. It's just simple faith to believe God.

Notice. The way up, I said, is down. He-- We must believe God. We must take Him at His word. We must not try to figure things out, but just whatever God says, the real true Spirit of God will punctuate every Word of God with an "Amen." The Holy Spirit wrote the Word. And if the Holy Spirit wrote the Word, and the Holy Spirit's in you, how can It say, "Well, that was for another age." How can it say-- When It says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever," and you try to place it off in some age back there, or some age to come?

Man is still the same. He's always thanking God for what He has done, looking forward for what He will do, and ignoring what He's doing. That's exactly man always. And he does the same thing today. He always, is that-- He's-- That's a man. And you've got to get out of that. You've got to let the mind that was in Christ be in you.

God dealing with man has always been in humility. He never does deal with men in great big theological terms. Tell me one time He ever did. He never does. He makes Hisself simple. And man wants to make it complicated. He makes Hisself great by making Hisself humble.

Now, when a man gets a little bit of education, or a few degrees, he knows so much till you can't tell him nothing. But if be could just keep on getting great enough till he could make hisself little, till he knows nothing, then it'd be all right. But he can't get that big. See? He just can't get that big. And God is that big. He's so big till He can make Hisself humble. But we can't be--get big enough to make ourself humble. That's the difference.

-- Brother Branham
April 12, 1963 pm