Now, Jesus gave us the Example of what we ought to be looking at, when He reflected His Life to us through the Word, what we should see. When we look into God's mirror, we should see ourself identified with Him. That is a perfect Example.

Now, but we find out that as we go along through life, that our character molds the image that we are. Each one knows that...As you live, so is-- Your character molds you to what you are.

Now, you have seen people that you just love to be around. Yet they might not exactly be in your bracket of society. And again, they might be of a different race: the colored, or the brown, or the yellow. But there's just something about that character, that you just love to be in their presence. Because each person is a little dynamo of their own, and you put out an atmosphere.

And then you see people that were noble people, but yet you were always glad to get away from them. It's just they create such an atmosphere around where you are. Nothing against them, they're nice people, but you just don't like that atmosphere they are in. And their character creates whatever they are, makes them what they are.

-- Brother Branham
January 23, 1963