But I've wondered many times, if that word we use it just right, "communion." Now "commune" means "to talk to (See?) to commune with." And I wonder if really when we meet together like this in heavenly places if that isn't communion, that we are communing with God, talking to Him. And then if we just set still and let Him answer us back-- Many things, and the—

One of the horrible things that I do, I try to do all the talking, and not set still long enough for Him to answer me back. We do that so many times in prayer.

I think if we would get off of our heart what's in it and express ourself to the Lord Jesus, and then just kneel, and just be still awhile, and just see what He would say back to us. See? And sometimes I've did that, and my whole opinion was changed. You see?

I'd go ask Him something, "Now, Lord, these people really, they got a-- something-- I believe they want me over there." And I'd just start praying, and first thing you know-- I'm just satisfied that that's the Lord's will. But after I pray, if I just linger a little while (See?) then it's changed altogether sometimes sent somewhere else.

Just commune with the Lord. Oh, what glorious fellowship, just to get down, and talk, and commune, and wait for Him to talk back. And to think of what a great Person that is you're talking to, the Creator Himself, and communing with Him Who put your life in this volcanic ash that you're living in.

And then someday you'll have to leave there, and then it's in his hands where it goes from there on. And you have the privilege now to make your choice which way that soul goes when it leaves. And what a wonderful thing to commune with Him upon the basis of His promises, then hear Him commune back to you, and say, "It's all well." My, that really expresses it right. We don't have to look to any creed. We don't have to look to any dogmas. Only thing we have to do is just know that He witnesses back His Word, that it's settled, and that's all of it. Then the burden rolls away.

-- Brother Branham
January 22, 1963