Now, you do not commune by radio, because you cannot talk back, or television. But when you can by telephone, because you are communing one to another; it just isn't one side. It is-- I cannot commune with you now, because you do not talk back. So therefore, it would not be coming to hear a minister deliver his message. That would not be coming together to communing. Communion would not be that-- If you come just to commune with the minister, you'd call him to one side, or any individual, and commune with him or she.

But to what we come into communion, is for each of us as individuals to commune with Christ. That is communing. Then communing is not altogether one doing the talking, us doing all the talking, but waiting and seeing what He says back to us.

Now, there's where, many times that we make our great mistakes is we do all the talking and don't wait and give Him a chance to answer back. We go sometimes, say, "Lord, I would that You would do so-and-so and so-and-so. Amen," and get up and leave. Now, that really isn't communing. That's going and asking a favor. But when you stay long enough until He answers back, that's when you're getting communion, communing with the Lord.

-- Brother Branham
February 4, 1962