Now, we notice when He was here on earth, how He went about doing good. I noticed another thing that comes in my mind. Did you notice when David was rejected as king? He went out of the city, and a little Benjamite, which was supposed to have been a brother to him, should've been sorry because he was rejected, but what-- He was a crippled man. And he drug along there with his crippled condition, throwing dirt on David, and calling him all kinds of bad names, and cursing him in the name of the Lord, cursing King David in the name of the Lord, this little old crippled-up Benjamite.

Watch the Spirit of God and the spirit of the Devil working. Now, if you notice, he was crippled. It represents the spiritual crippleness of the people today that would make fun of the true Spirit of God in Christ manifesting Itself.

That was the Spirit of Christ in David being rejected as a king. And today, when the people make fun of the people who has received the Holy Spirit and trying to achieve something to draw Methodists and Pentecostals, and Baptists and Pentecostals, and Presbyterians and all together as a unity, as a Body of Christ, and they see the Spirit working, and say, "Well, look, that's a Pentecostal. Away with him. I know one went off with another man's wife. I know this one got drunk. I know this one did this. I know this one did that." All that, but they're big enough to hide their own things; they can hide it. But David was exposed. Why? He had the Spirit of Christ in him.

That guard said, "Shall I take the head of that dog that would curse my king?"

Watch the Spirit of Christ in David, "Let him alone, for the Lord has told him to curse me." Do you catch that? "Let him alone; the Lord has told him to curse me."

Instead, today we want to get up our fists and fight him (See?), chop his head off, "Yeah, get him out; he don't belong to us."

"Let him alone; the Lord has told him to curse me." That little cripple running along there, throwing dirt on David--

That's what they do today on the Spirit of Christ. "They're a bunch of holy-rollers. Why, they're a bunch of this. There's nothing to them. There's nothing to Divine healing. There's no such a thing as Angels. There's no such a thing as prophets." All those things, "The days of miracles is past," throwing dirt. But let them alone. But when David returned in power (Hallelujah.), when he come back as full king of Israel—

Don't worry; this Jesus, Who's Spirit we have today, acted His part out, will return again in a physical body, the second time, in glory, in power, and majesty.

That little dirt-thrower fell on his face and begged for mercy. "Let him alone," the Spirit of Christ in us. Don't excommunicate him. Let's remember that all these things has got to come to pass. We've got one thing to do: move on. God promised that He'd make everything work together for good to them that love Him. Let's keep the discernment of spirit, keep the objective right. We're here to serve God, each one fellowshipping, going along and serving God. If the man's got the wrong kind of an objective, then what will happen? See?

-- Brother Branham
March 8, 1960